Vote For Change

Millions of people have heard the slogan, ‘Vote for Change’, and yet many don’t realize what it actually means. For some, they think it’s just about going to the local polling station and placing a vote but it’s far more than that. Vote for change was a nationwide tour that got some of the biggest names in the music industry out in force. This certainly made millions of Americans sit up and take notice. So, what was vote for change?

What Is The Vote For Change?

In 2004, President George W. Bush was up for re-election and his opponent was the politician John Kerry. However, there were millions who weren’t registered to vote and who had no intentions to vote. This was when the Vote for Change tour was invented. It was a music tour that was held in several key states throughout America. The idea behind the tour was to get everyday people who had not as yet registered to vote, to register and vote. While the tour claimed to be a neutral or non-partisan, there was an overwhelming majority of performers who wanted John Kerry for President rather than President Bush.

Changing Many Perceptions

While the tour lasted less than a month, it was hugely popular and highly successful as well. For only three and a half weeks, big-named stars come out in force in order to encourage all Americans, young and old, to register and place a vote on the day of the 2004 elections. It was said millions of Americans really thought about who they wanted as President and that the Vote for Change tour impacted the election somewhat. It’s quite staggering because while it was a music tour, people weren’t just interested in music but in politics too and that’s important to say the least. Those 40 shows impacted the 2004 Presidential elections and would have a real place in American history.

A Carrying Legacy

However, while the idea behind the tour was to encourage those who would not normally vote, it had a lasting effect. It’s said the tour was a huge success as it helped raise millions of funds for good causes and that many voters and non-voters thought about change in their political system. Did the tour really impact the election? Well, no, not in a sense as to what many of its performers wanted as President Bush defeated John Kerry and won a second term in office. It may, however, have just helped more Americans to vote for change in the years ahead.

Did This Really Impact The Political Movement In North America?

A Vote for Change wasn’t just about a musical concert; today it’s about voting for a change to the way people see their government and who they want governing them. Even today, in North America there are clear examples of a vote for change whether good or not only time will tell. However, millions have been encouraged to register and to voice their opinions at the polling stations.

What Lies Ahead?

A vote for change; it’s something that has been talked about recently and not just because of recent elections. The original Vote for Change tour opened the eyes of millions and in recent years throughout the US and Canada, there have been big votes for changes in both countries. That can only be seen as a good thing in a sense as it means the majority of North Americans want to see real changes to their country and to those who govern them.

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