Women In Politics

For the last 20 years or so, there has been a campaign to bring more women into the political fray somewhat and while thousands would love to enter the political world, very few do. There have been several high-profile female political figures throughout the world and yet there isn’t enough. Why is this? Why aren’t there more women involved in politics and will men always outnumber women in Canadian, UK, and American politics? Will there be more female political figures in the world?

Leading Figures

The UK had its first female Prime Minister in the face of Margaret Thatcher and for over 30 years, she was the only female Prime Minister until Theresa May in 2016. It was utterly amazing how no other leading MP in the UK managed to become leader of her political party and become PM. However, in the USA, there has never been a female leader; Hilary Clinton was a leading figure in the 2016 Presidential Election but was unfortunately defeated. Yet, despite this, she was a leading figure in the political world and may still have a part to play. German Chancellor Angela Merckle is another current female figure but these women are few and far between. While there are a lot more women in politics than ever before, many aren’t able to claw their way to the top of the pack.

Is The Lack Of Women In Politics Down To Prejudices?

There are still some surprising and deep prejudices against women. Remember, this was a man’s world for hundreds of years and there are many men who don’t want to look up to a woman. There are also many who don’t believe women have enough drive to run a country and it isn’t just men, there are also some women who think fellow females aren’t good enough to stand in politics. In truth women lacking in politics doesn’t just come down to one prejudice or another; it’s a collection of reasons. However, politics is a hard field to break into; many men find it’s difficult and for women, it’s very much the same, if not harder. In Scottish politics and indeed English, there are many female politicians on the rise and throughout the world, there are increasing numbers also. Breaking through the barriers is something which must be tackled.

What Will The Future Hold?

Female politicians don’t come around very often but there are surprisingly more than ever before. Maybe in certain countries it’s down to the influence from Queen Elizabeth II who’s now the UK’s longest serving monarch. The Monarch may be inspirational to women who want to see a change and who want women to have more a voice in governments. Taking the plunge into the political world is a brave thing. Politics isn’t easy no matter who you are or how much money you have. Maybe for the moment men outnumber women in almost every political government in the world but does that mean to say this will always be the case? Only time will tell but it does seem more women are getting into politics and making their mark also.

A Change Is On The Horizon

Governments are changing all the time and so too are the political system behind them. politics for the moment might seem one-sided with men leading the pack but there are changes on the way. Women are fighting in politics and they aren’t there just to make a statement that women can do what men can, they are there to make a difference to their countries. Right now, it might seem as though politics is a man’s game and yet, more women are getting involved each and every year.

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