Political Change In Canada

Canadian politics have been amongst the most admired throughout the world. Many countries have modeled (or tried) their government on the Canadian system and it’s considered to be one of the most stable political countries in the world. While many other countries are often inundated with in-house fighting and political bickering, Canada has been somewhat civilized in such manners. It isn’t without its fair share of issues but the country does seem more stable than a great deal of others which are impressive to say the least. However, it does seem as though political change in Canada is on the horizon.

The Ins And Outs Of Canadian Politics

Currently, there are a wide variety of political parties in Canada and there are parties who also believe Quebec should become an independent state from the majority of the country. However, there are two main and usually dominate parties which overtake all others. Those are the Conservative Party of Canada and the Liberal Party of Canada. These two have been locked in battle for a number of years against one another and just recently there have been big changes. For over a decade, from 2006 to 2016, the Conservative Party ruled Canada and they brought about a host of alterations to the country; with the introduction of the Liberal Party now ruling Canada, there are changes afoot.

Changes Made To Immigration

Canada was amongst the first to introduce a ground-breaking immigration system in which a point-based system was used. This wasn’t often seen at the time and it helped to make a fairer system for all who wished to enter the country. In the 1960s, this system aimed at ensuring migrants had a grasp of English and French so that no matter where they lived, they could interact with any Canadian. Also, their education had to be good and had fair job prospects. However, when the Conservatives got into power, this changed. The party made it so immigrants needed job offers in Canada rather than good job prospects so to reduce unemployment rates. This was highly contentious and remains controversial today also; with a new government, does that mean to say there won’t be more changes?

Liberal Domination

With Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau winning the majority seats in Parliament, his Party is now in charge which sees the ruling Conservative government gone. This really does spell political and environmental change as the two party’s goals were very different. There are going to be changes to the way Canada is governed and there looks to be positive movements ahead. Political change hasn’t really come in a long time as the Conservative Party ruled and while they made changes of their own, the way the country is run now brings a lot of changes. That may just be a positive thing for the country.

What The Future Holds

When people hear of political unrest or changes, they fear it because they think it’s going to be bad and affect them terribly. However, there are some political changes which are fairly minor in terms of how they impact on those around them. While political change in Canada has been a nationwide alteration it hasn’t made a shock-effect as yet which may make all the difference.